Our Objectives

  • To carry resources for teachers in the ECD sector, as well as having a strong focus on maths and science at schools.
  • Focus on innovative teaching practices at schools and how teachers overcome challenges.
  • Focus on careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, which are part of a scarce skills set in Africa, while content will highlight the need for learners to enter the technical college sector, in the face of a desperate need for artisans.
  • Focus on the university sector, which covers policy, access to education and what is being done to improve throughput rates and the pipeline for South Africa’s next generation of researchers, in the country’s quest to become a knowledge economy.
  • Focus on Career guidance for learners and university students.
  • vContribute contribute to education debates across the sector, with insight from learned scholars.
  • Undoubtedly, education systems evolve with technological developments worldwide and the needs of people: they are the site for change while there is no place for strategic inertia.
  • Private, Public, Academia and Civil Society organisations and institutions that are involved in education are invited to partner with Inside Education Foundation, in its mission to help boost the quality of education on the continent, thereby contributing to the establishment of strong economies, and a situation where Africans find solutions to their own problems.